100 days left in 2017

“What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”

There are 100 days left in 2017. What will you do with them?

265 days have already passed this year, things have changed, we got older, but we still have 100 days left.

Anne Dillard said: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

This is it. What could you do with those 100 days? Could you launch a new project? Write down a concrete plan to achieve one of your goals, and pursue it? Prepare a marathon? Learn to swim? Write a book? Sign in for a salsa course? Or maybe learn to code?

What popped first into your mind after reading this, this is exactly the one. Go for it.

How do I do this?

1. Reason. You need a mission. You need to know WHY are you doing what you are doing.

2. Time. You need to do small progress every day. No excuses. Dedicate only 45min of your daily time to one concrete thing. After 100 days you will have 4500min=75h of work done.

3. Accountability. Tell somebody about your plan, make yourself visible. If you start talking about an idea, you realise that it is actually better than you thought and the more you talk, the more real it becomes in your head. Once you are committed, there is no place for hesitating anymore.

What you should also realise today is that there’s someone on the other side of the planet begging to have your life and your problems. Rewind the tape and go back to what you do have. We can never go back to a single moment. You’ll never read this blog post again with the same perspective. You’re more than you think you can ever be. Your special, you’re you and that’s why you are going to change the world in some crazy way and blow away all the critics, haters, has-beens and procrastinators with your unique gift. Now get to work.



Here you can find my first interview in Spanish in the 47 Magazine:



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