Bitter-sweet August

Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

It is already end of August again; it is hard to believe it. Last year I was in Berlin having a hippie summer time. Two years ago I was still in Madrid, waking up because of the heat and staying up late because of you. Three years ago I was in Hamburg, staying up late for the same reason. Four years ago I was somewhere in between everything. Five years ago I was collecting the pieces of my teenage self and moving from Krakow to Germany.

August is a good month for transitions. For saying goodbye. For starting all over. For trying to hold on to the summer as long as it lasts. August has this sweet touch of the innocent sunshine and the bitter perspective of rainy days coming. It is time for decisions how to spend the rest of the year. What should be special in the next one. Why am I here and where would I be if I could be anywhere? It is already time for summing up the past 8 months and learning from your mistakes. You can look back and realize what need to be changed and what should and must stay the same.

On the crossroad between summer and autumn, between work and rest, between lonely walks and crazy parties, between good books and warm milky coffees, this is where you stand. The summer is going to end, your worries are going to fade, the autumn will come and new beginnings will arrive again. This is the natural spin of the world. You can lay back and relax, the earth will only give another turn in the meantime. You can also go and run as fast as you can to try to give it the kind of turn that you actually long for. No guarantee of success included. But it is the possibility that keeps you going.

The air in August smells like new opportunities, like falling apples and like summer nights that slowly start to be too cold to be summer nights. The setting is still joyful but already nostalgic, the sentimental thoughts begin to flow when you start looking for a warmer blanket to cover yourself at night and you finally prefer to have a hot cup of tea instead of a cold glass of wine.

All change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. It will be hard to get used to jackets, messy to adapt to how early it gets dark and gorgeous to walk when the colourful leaves will cover the earth beneath our feet.


Just as the seasons keep changing, human beings are constantly evolving and sources of inspiration are all around us – in the people we meet, the books we read, the trips we take and the art we see. That’s why it is important to keep experiencing everything you can, even if it gets colder. The things you take in will influence what you put out to the world. So take it all in.



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