Dreaming Dolomites

“If I got lost along the way I had a compass that I had found embedded in a pile of wet leaves I was kicking my way through. The compass was old and rusted but it still worked, connecting the earth and stars. It told me where I was standing and which way was west but not where I was going and nothing of my worth.” Patti Smith


Mountains are a stunning thing. You feel small, insignificant, you feel the power of nature and the pureness of fresh air entering your lungs. Hiking and climbing are activities that everyone in my opinion should try at some point. It is the cheapest and most efficient way to disconnect, to stop and stare, to listen, to be heard and to reload your inner strength batteries. You learn where your limits are and with a bit of motivation you learn to cross them as well.

Sometimes you need to be alone. I totally and absolutely agree on the statement that people are social beings. I need people around me and I know I would have not become the person I am without so much influence of other human beings I was lucky enough to meet. Nevertheless, sometimes I desperately long for loneliness. I long for silence. I think in our everyday life we have cancelled the silence completely, our life is wrapped up in the noise of the city or in a constant background music that runs after us everywhere and on top of that in the useless talking of people who, having nothing important to say, talk, talk, talk for nothing.

I believe it is crucially important to stop and stare once in a while and to stop and stare in silence. In the silence you can finally concentrate only on yourself, you may reflect with attention and intensity and you are able to process all the things that are happening so fast all around you. Sometimes I have the feeling that all the people see me running very fast while I personally cannot really feel that I am moving at all. This is when I stop and stare. I go hiking, I search for nature, I climb up to the mountains and look for places where I can be all by myself. I need my meditative-lonely time in order to be able to come back and be super social again. I mean, I am naturally quite social, I was never an introvert and I like people but despite of how much I need and appreciate good company, I discovered that I can only appreciate it fully if it is balanced with some solitary experiences.

Very few of us are what we seem. This is also one of the reasons you should stay all by yourself sometimes. I think lots of people do things without reflecting so much if this is actually what they really want to do. It may be a matter of expectations of others or just a lack of better idea. No matter for what reason, if you look at yourself right now and wonder if this is where you really want to be, stop and stare. And if it is not, start moving. If this is not who you want to be and if this is not the place where you want to stay than the best moment to start changing it is NOW.

I am absolutely convinced that there is no such thing as ‘ready’, that nobody is ever ready to do anything. That is why you may also start doing it now. And there is no going back, the essence of life is going forward, no matter what. Life is really a one-way street. And we are exactly as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.



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