I come from Nowhere (just as Lady Bird)

We’re afraid that we will never escape our past. 

(This article is strongly inspired by the movie Lady Bird, which I warmly recommend to anyone: no matter where you come from.)

Art has this unique capability to make the most normal story of a life seem full of magic and transcendence. It lets you know that what you feel is not strange, it is perfectly normal and you’re not alone with it. You’re surely not the last person in the world feeling like coming from Nowhere. You definitely cannot choose where you come from, but you can still choose where you go from there. And maybe even most importantly, if you ever come back.

I remember being young in my small hometown and feeling constantly like drowning, sitting at my desk at home and being in dire need of water, but finding only air. Thinking that I am wasting my life where I am because such a place could never possibly let anybody spread their wings. I remember the overwhelming conviction that absolutely nothing could ever happen in a place like my hometown. Like I am missing so much while being stuck there. Like real life is happening somewhere far from here, and I am being excluded from so many important, glorious things.

This is a good and a bad thing. It makes you feel slightly homeless, maybe even rootless, but it also gives you a tremendous injection of determination to run, run as fast and as far as possible. And hell yeah, I did run. The first years of my independence were the time of a simple, basic life filled with an insane joy over smallest things and the freshly gained ability to breathe in deeply. I enjoyed the space around me, I collected new impressions and I simply took it all in. I learned to praise my freedom more than anything and I realized that independence will be forever the most basic condition for my happiness.

Still, after all those years of moving, running, drawing circles, I know that real, important things happen everywhere. I know people who live in the middle of nowhere and live their life to the fullest. I know it all depends. But for me, coming from Nowhere, I really felt like I had Everywhere to go. And I think it was something good. (I wrote last year already about the luxury of choosing where to go.)

Lady Bird is a girl that coming from Nowhere decides to go Somewhere, only to realize that Nowhere was Somewhere all along. I still haven’t got to this point, but who knows what life will bring next.

You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.




4 thoughts on “I come from Nowhere (just as Lady Bird)

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your post, and also loved “Lady Bird”, and it gave me the opportunity to reflect on similar thoughts in my life which I’d like to share.

    I came from a place that was in the Middle. Not Somewhere, not Nowhere, but a place in the Middle where I believed people from Somewhere (more-so than Nowhere) knew something I didn’t. Then I moved to Somewhere West (for those of you from places outside the US, please accept my apology for ignoring the obvious fact that there are many Somewheres outside the 48 contiguous states that deserve to be considered here, but for the sake of brevity…) for a while and later to Somewhere East and discovered the truth in the old saying “Great ideas don’t care what city they come from.” (I think it was the great midwestern ad man Leo Burnett who said it, probably in a business pitch against an agency from Somewhere East or Somewhere West) It was only after living in these legendary Somewheres and feeling like I had absorbed enough of the creative, business and life energy they offer, that I knew with certainly the truth of the quote attributed to Mr. Burnett. Having the satisfaction of this knowledge under my belt has been helpful to me at times and I wish/hope the lesson gets passed around enough to be adopted into the living-philosophies of those good people who aspire to something that seems to be inaccessible from their particular domain in Nowhere or the Middle to empower them to do what they wish and not burn through all the years and airline miles otherwise required to have had a mailing address in one of the Somewheres.

    • Terry, thank you so much for sharing! I love the concept of the Middle place that you developed. I believe that the notion of distance has evolved facing the technology we have, but still… the feeling that all the important things are happening elsewhere might be something peculiar for the universal case of growing up maybe? It sounds like you have explored enough to lean back for a while though 😉 Happy Wednesday and thanks for reading!

  • So beautifully expressed. You might say i am climbing my own mountain- looking at what I have written about on medium heh?

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