To be alive

They say home is where the heart is
 But my heart is wild and free
 So am I homeless or just heartless



I started 2018 standing barefoot on the beach in Tulum, looking at the ocean and breathing in the salty air. Mexico, in general, resulted to be just glorious. People are unbelievably helpful and warm, they receive you in their houses and share so many smiles and stories, without any expectation. The coast close to Tulum seems to be nothing less but paradise. Getting up in the morning to see the sunset over the Caribbean Sea from the only Maya’s temple close to the water, is as surreal as magic. We joined a festival in the jungle, organized between the trees and crystalline Cenotes for two days. Merida and Bacalar followed with their different flairs and gifts. After jumping into the Laguna of 7 colours and running away from Cancun, Guatemala surprised me with a breathtaking nature.



The trip to the volcano Acatenango is surely an unforgettable experience. You walk up during the day and sleep in a tent on about 3800m of altitude. At night the temperature falls under zero, but frequent explosions of lava and magic dust that you can see just on the opposite side of the mountain can compensate (almost) any level of coldness. You can see all the stars and hear the volcano coughing out the fire and making the earth you sit on tremble every now and then. At 4 a.m. it is time to get up in a complete darkness and start the climb to the top, just about to reach 4000m. You fight with a steep slope covered with volcanic dust and stones, making two steps forward, one step back. And just before the sunrise, you make it to the top, the wind reaches 80km/h, the temperature remains below zero. You are freezing and the sun comes up slowly, in its own rhythm. You stand above the clouds and all the brilliant mixtures of orange and pink colours on the sky, perfectly created only for you by Mother Nature that morning, give you goosebumps.


One of many explosions that night. The photo was taken by Felix Bruns.


Days pass too fast when you feel endlessly free and gloriously alive. Nights are too short when you get few hours of sleep in the cheapest hostel or a couch-surfing sofa. Nature is overwhelming when it is so pure. Life is brilliant when all you have are your backpack and an extra package of wild curiosity.

I am 24 years old and I am free. I walk fast and I love life. I’ve been through sorrow and hard things, as all of us, but when I sit on the top of a mountain with a turquoise lake below my feet. I certainly believe that simply being alive is a grand thing.




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