Walking through the grey London

Do you fancy a wonder?


It sounds unbelievable but this was my very first time in London. I travelled because of work and was very motivated to take the best out of the seven days in the proud capital of UK.

It is an exciting time to travel, feeling part of history being written I arrived just after the Brexit has happened. Still full of hot discussions and cold rain London has welcomed me in the mids of the so-called-summer.

It is a wonderful walking city though, you can walk along the monumental streets filled with huge buildings and keep enjoying plenty of green areas. The sky stays grey for most of the time. I felt ambiguous about the city missing the sun and brightness of Spanish landscape.

I must admit I did not really want to stay longer but there is definietely something magical about London. There is something dark and dangerous in taking subway by night, there is something hectic and overwhelming in walking down the Oxford Street, there is something serious and serene in the history hidden behind every corner and something alternative and colourful in the food market in Camden Town.

I understand why so many people love London. As many of the big cities it holds something for everyone. It can be peaceful and noisy, fast and sleepy, beautiful and rough. It has a stunning diversity of people and languages and although it is nothing like Berlin or Paris, it definitely has its own, specific, international but still very British, charm.

A must-visit are the Borough Market, second hands in Camden Town and the stunning Regent’s Park. As long as you can handle without sun, be eager to explore!

Walking through huge cities always makes me realise that there are so many people in this world, each and every special and irreplaceable. They all have their stories, worries, daily struggles. How is it that with some people we connect so fast? How do you choose one person out of the whole world of people as your life partner? If you keep getting to know new people very day, can it be overwhelming at some point?

I know that it is essential with what kind of human beings you surround yourself. They say you are an average of the five people you spent the most of your time. But still, there are so many exciting individuals and so many stories waiting to be heard out there. All the people you have never met, maybe one of those would have change your life?

Lastly, I want to share an interesting article that has shaped my perception of London today: 23 Perfect Words For Emotions You Never Realised Anyone Else Felt

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